Wholesale Meat Options

We sell large quantites of our popular products to local wholesale distributors. Contact us today about selling our products in your shop.
Item #UPCProductCase Quantity
1000744656 20004Beef Snack Stick 2oz48
1050744656 20003Beef Snack Stick 4oz24
1100744656 20002Beef Snack Stick 8oz12
1500744656 20104Pepperoni & Cheese Stick 2oz48
1550744656 20103Pepperoni & Cheese Stick 4oz24
1600744656 20102Pepperoni & Cheese Stick 8oz12
2000744656 10001Original Summer Sausage12
2050744656 10002Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage12
3000744656 30001Original Beef Jerky 3.2oz12
4000744656 30005Teriyaki Beef Jerky 3.2oz12
3050744656 30002Original Beef Jerky 8oz12
4050744656 30006Teriyaki Beef Jerky 8oz12
6050744656 40001Pickled Polish Sausage 16oz18
7000744656 40004Pickled Polish Sausage Gallon4
7050744656 41001Pickled Polish Sausage 4oz15
7055744656 41001Pickled Polish Sausage 4oz4 of 15