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Who we are

Tri-Town Packing opened in 1977 by John and Tom Liberty in Winthrop, Upstate New York. Founded to meet the needs of local farmers and hunters, we offer USDA-inspected slaughtering and processing, cheese smoking, venison meat processing, and more for both retail and wholesale customers. Our product lines include such specialties as Kielbasa, Summer Sausage, and Pickled Sausage, along with our award-winning snack sticks and jerky.

What People Say

What we can do

Smoked Meats

We infuse our meats with delicious smokey flavor that only years of experience can create.


Interested in selling our products in your store? Our network of Distributors has you covered!

Custom Butchering

Custom cuts of beef and hog at some of the best prices around. Enjoy the perfect cuts smoked or fresh.

Venison Processing

Bring your deer to us this season for processing! We take pride in turning your harvest into the best cuts and products you can find.

Our services cater to all of our customers’ needs, from providing great products to processing your own meats!

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